Bringing the Life, Well Run Campaign to Your Community
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WMVBringing the Life, Well Run Campaign to Your Community
The Life, Well Run campaign has gone national, and it's here to help you. Life, Well Run is an ICMA initiative to raise awareness of and appreciation for the value that professional local government managers bring to building communities we’re proud to call home.

Join us for a free webinar on November 18, 2013 to hear updates from Bob O'Neill, ICMA's Executive Director, about the campaign's progress.  Learn from ICMA's Catherine Smith about how others are using the Life, Well Run resources; and enjoy an interactive presentation by ICMA’s Juniper Korkie on using social media to bring Life, Well Run to your community.

Want to show a video that demonstrates the value of professional local government management at your next council meeting? Do you need something that will help citizens and business leaders understand what you do as a manager in shaping your community? Would you like some materials that you can take with you to any school at any level to help you teach and inspire the next generation of professional local government managers? This free webinar is your guided tour of the Life, Well Run resources available to help you.

The Take-Aways from this Webinar:

  • Be able to speak knowledgeably about the campaign.
  • Learn about the Life, Well Run resources available to all ICMA members.
  • Hear a demonstration on how you can use the campaign resources to raise awareness about the important work you and your staff do each and every day in your community.
  • Learn how to create buzz about the Life, Well Run campaign through social media.
  • Bob O'Neill, Executive Director of ICMA
  • Catherine Smith, Life, Well Run Campaign Manager
  • Juniper Korkie, ICMA Director of Strategic Development and Digital Strategies
Session Information
Session Date:
November 18, 2013